• Fences 


    All new and replacement fences in the City limits require a fence permit. Most fence permits may be issued at the same time as application. Some fences along alleyways or corner lots may require review by the Public Works Department.


    Fence permits are $10.00 per property. A permit may be obtained at the Planning office in City Hall, 250 N 5th Street, (970) 244-1430.  


    Height - In residential zones, fences in front yards may be up to forty eight inches in height if they are at least two thirds open material (chain link, split rail or picket).  A solid fence in the front yard can be thirty inches in height.  In the back yard fences may be either open or solid and up to six feet in height.


    Corner Lots - On corner lots there may be areas which you may not fence due to visibility standards at intersections.  Usually there is a minimum of a forty foot "sight triangle" measured from the intersection of the right-of-way lines.  Determination of sight distance requirements may be made at the time of permit application.  In some cases City personnel may need to check the property to determine adequate sight distance.


    Acceptable materials for fences include wire, wrought iron, plastic, wood and other material with a similar look.


    Fences in business, commercial and industrial zone districts are allowed to be constructed with a fence permit to a maximum of six feet high outside the front yard setback, providing no sight obstruction is caused.  Up to three strands of barbed wire may also be used in these zone districts.  Fences over six feet require a building permit and must meet structure setback requirements.


    Fences in Planned Zone districts may have different height, style or placement requirements.


    Fence height limitations are submitted for review by the Board of Appeals.  For more information, contact Planning at (970) 244-1430 or planning@gjcity.org.


    In no instance can fences be constructed or maintained in a manner which obstructs vision of motorists or causes any other traffic hazard.


    A permit is not required for picket replacement or general maintenance of an existing fence.

    Grand Junction Municipal Code/Zoning and Development Code 




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     Outdoor storage and unlicensed/inoperable vehicles
     Storage of trailers/campers
     Sidewalks with snow/debris
     Wood stoves
     Yard sales


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