Bid Summaries


2019 Sewer Line Replacement Project - Phase B IFB-4675-19-DH
Riverside Park Shelter IFB-4664-19-DH
2018 Safe Routes to Schoo - Bookcliff Middle School IFB-4655-19-DH
Chipseal Thermoplastic Pavement Markings IFB-4663-19-DH
Grand Junction Regional Communications Center Remodel IFB-4657-19-DH
Las Colonias Park - River Recreation Feature IFB-4648-19-DH
2019 Sewer Line - Asphalt Patches IFB-4654-19-DH
The Riverfront at Dos Rios Business Park Phase 1 IFB-4616-19-DH
Las Colonias Business Park Restrooms IFB-4637-19-DH
2019 South Downtown Water & Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project IFB-4628-19-DH
Raw Water Irrigation Supply and Waterline Replacement IFB-4611-19-DH
2019 7th Street Reconstruction - Orchard Ave. to Patterson Ave. IFB-4627-19-DH
Riverside Park Improvements and Bike Path IFB-4621-19-DH
2019 Monument Road Bicycle Path Trail IFB-4618-19-DH
Vault Toilets for Parks Operations Locations IFB-4614-19-DH
2019 Sewer Interceptor Repair and Replacements IFB-4602-19-DH
 Safe Route to Schools IFB-4609-19-DH




IFB-4674-19-SH 1-1/2 Ton 4x2 Crew Cab Hook Lift Truck
IFB-4672-19-SH 1-1/2 Ton 4x2 Crew Cab Utility Truck Dual Rear Wheel

IFB-4669-19-SH Zero Turn Mower (Qty 3
IFB-4667-19-SH Mini Excavator

IFB-4645-19-SH Utility Bucket Truck w Aerial Device
IFB-4643-19-SH Automotive Batteries

IFB-4640-19-SH Mid-Size SUV 4x4
IFB-4641-19-SH Air Compressor (Qty 2)
IFB-4639-19-SH Forklift 4000 LB
IFB-4626-19-SH Utility Vehicle w/Plow (Qty 5)
IFB-4625-19-SH Police Interceptor (Qty 4)
IFB-4620-19-SH Asphalt Distributor Truck
IFB-4581-19-SH Fire Engine Pumper


Work Clothing Uppoer Garments RFP-4569-19-SO
Fire Protection Equipment and Systems Inspection Services IFB-4651-19-SH 

Ballpark Safety Netting RFP-4617-19-SH

Official Visitor Guide RFP-4608-19-SH

Bulk Fertilizer and Spread for Parks Golf Courses IFB-4606-19-DH
Liquid Polymer IFB-4496-18-SH
Official Visitor Guide RFP-4570-19-SH
Crackfill Material IFB-4597-19-DH
Dump Truck Rentals w/Drivers for City Spring Cleanup Program IFB-4596-19-DH