Public Works

Trent Prall, Engineering Manager

City Road Projects - Ballot Question 2B

Thank you to the voters of Grand Junction for passing ballot question 2B in April 2017! 
The approval of this ballot question will make it possible for the City of Grand Junction to use the excess funds in the Riverside Parkway savings account to augment what is currently being spent on road projects and neighborhoood pavement preservation for five years. 

Street maintenance is extremely important, but expensive. Our current roadway system is a $266 million asset. The City has been modestly funding street maintenance for a few years due to budget limitations, but it has not been enough and we have fallen behind. 

The overall average PCI (pavement condition index) of the Grand Junction streets system, which has steadily declined over the last twelve years, is currently at a score of 69. This is down from 78 in 2004. The desire is to reverse this trend.

Good streets are good for all of us who live here, and also good for our economy.  

Here are the projects that are slated to get underway with the funds that were approved by voters in April 2017:

Riverside Parkway - 24 Road to 29 Road Overlay
Work is expected to get underway in early July 2017 with anticipated completion by mid September. Single lane closures are expected with this project.

Neighborhood Pavement Preservation Program  
$800,000 worth of chip seal and slurry seal will also be conducted in various locations across town.

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Check back often for more information on upcoming Ballot Question 2B Road Projects, and again, we thank the voters for giving us this opportunity to improve upon the City's infrastructure.