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What is the City Doing?

The City has put the following actions in place:

  • The City has activated the Incident Command System to ensure the continuation of services, and implement the City's pandemic flu plan, which was alread in place for such an event.
  • The Police & Fire Departments have all of the necessary equipment as well as safety and protection protocols to ensure continued operations.
  • The City is coordinating with local public health agencies to determine the need for monitoring, quarantine, or other restriction of movement and activities for individuals with travel history to foreign countries where community spread is prevalent.
  • City Council and other meetings are being evaluated, but will continue as planned for the time being.
  • The City is exploring alternatives for some City meetings on a case-by-case basis and suspending the scheduling of non-essential and ceremonial gatherings.
  • The City has drafted a policy for employees to telework, where appropriate. 
  • Business travel and training is restricted for employees. 
  • The City is in the evaluation process of placing a pause on certain capital projects not already started.

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