Communications Manager

Sam Rainguet
Phone: 970-244-1507
E-Mail: Communications

We're Glad You Asked

Here at the City of Grand Junction, we sometimes find that incomplete stories or misinformation about the work we do circulates throughout the community. The misinformation may begin with a news story, an entry in a blog, a column in a printed publication, information on someone’s website, or simply in the course of normal conversation. From there it travels. Our challenge is that we rarely get the opportunity to respond before misinformation spreads so we want to take this opportunity to address some of the questions we hear most frequently.

1st and 7th Streets are in bad shape. Why isn't the City doing anything to repair them?

How can I take part in the City's online survey group?

Can the City really afford to build an amphitheater in Las Colonias Park?

What does the City do to save water and electricity used for irrigation?

There seems to be an increased focus on North Avenue recently. What is going on there?

Is it true that I can send a text message to 911 if necessary?

I have heard the City talking recently about foreign-trade zones. What does this mean and what could it do for our community?

Why can't the City prevent flooding when it rains?

Why has the City been putting so many resources into compressed natural gas (CNG)?

Why do I get 911 calls on my cell at night?

Does it really matter who trims my trees? What is so important about how trees are cared for anyway?   

I have heard about the proposed plans for Las Colonias Park. Is it safe to consider constructing a park in that area?

Why do some of the businesses in the Rimrock Martketplace shopping center charge an extra fee when I shop there?  

Since when is power washing illegal?   

I have heard that I can no longer bring my dog to events such as the Farmers’ Market in Downtown Grand Junction. That doesn’t seem fair. What is the reason for this?  

Did you know that if you have a sewer backup, calling a plumber is NOT the first thing you should do?  

Why does the City chip seal some streets that appear to be in good condition when there are other areas that have potholes?   

Why does the City have park properties sitting undeveloped? Shouldn’t these be made into new parks?  

Why do both a fire truck and an ambulance often respond to 911 medical calls?