Community Development

250 North 5th Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: 970-244-1430
Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm M-F

Photo by Randy Langstraat

Neighborhood Program

The Neighborhood Program is a service at the neighborhood level intended to enhance and maintain a high quality of life for the citizens of Grand Junction.

The City of Grand Junction Neighborhood Program is a way of building a stronger sense of community, beginning with small groups of motivated people. The program evolved from a goal stated in City Council’s Strategic Plan: “A vital, organized network of neighborhoods will exist throughout the City, linked with parks and schools and supported by City resources and active citizen volunteers.”

Often it is problems within a neighborhood that raise residents’ interest and concern. The Neighborhood Program seeks to build a sense of community to promote pro-active pride, safety, volunteering and fun within neighborhoods rather than merely a group that deals with controversy as it arises.

Organization - One of the first steps in the program is encouraging groups to hold meetings to begin to discuss positive and negative aspects of their neighborhood, plans for improvement, and a means for people to socialize and get to know their neighbors.  Beyond meetings, the program supports all types of activities within neighborhoods, including block parties, flyers or newsletters, volunteering, and working together on neighborhood improvement projects.

Neighborhood Association Registration - For neighborhoods that want to become more involved in their community, the next step is to become an officially registered Neighborhood Association. 

Neighborhood Clean-Up Tips- Organizing a neighborhood clean-up is a wonderful opportunity to get to know your neighbors and noticeably improve and beautify your neighborhood at the same time.  During the Annual Spring Clean-Up the City of Grand Junction offers information to help city residents get clean-up items to the street or alley at the designated time.   The Annual Leaf Pick-Up that the City of Grand Junction offers in the fall provides services for picking up leaves from city streets.

Use the City’s Neighborhood Program Resources - Neighborhood Program staff can assist you with organization and advertisement, provide ideas and information and help coordinate with other City departments as needed.  The City Police Department has other services available to neighborhoods through its Community Resource Unit.