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Grand Junction, CO 81501
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Welcome to the Parks and Recreation Forestry Division, we are dedicated to preserving Grand Junction's urban forest along with providing an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for all visitors to City parks and facilities. The Forestry Division plants, manages, and maintains the City’s trees in parks and City facilities, as well as trees on the public right of way within city limits. It is our goal to help the community understand the importance of trees while maintaining our City's Urban Forest. 

Tree Care Services

Tree services and anyone pruning trees for hire, must have a license to perform work within the City limits. 

Current Licensed Arborists   Become a Licensed Arborist

Community Tree Care Services 

These are services offered on City trees and properties within the city limits of Grand Junction. All services are only applicable to Right of Way trees. Please fill out the Tree Work Request Form to make a request.
*Tree pruning, removal and requests 
*Hazard tree identification and inspection 
*Insect and disease identification and control 
*Memorial tree program (CLICK HERE for brochure)
*Trees blocking traffic signs and signals
*Tree planting, questions and requests 
*Tree mulch and fire wood program

Useful Links for Professional Tree Care 
These are services for Licensing or Licensed Arborists
*Arbor Day Foundation
*CO Tree Coalition
*International Society of Arboriculture
*Tree Care Industry Association
*ISA Rocky Mountain Chapter
*Colorado State University Extension

Community Tree Planting

In 2016, the Grand Junction Forestry Department and Forestry Advisory board started a Community Tree Planting program, picking one location a year to invite the community to join them for a day of giving back. In 2016, we planted over 70 trees up in the center medians of the Redlands Ridges, enhancing the scenic drive along the main road. 2017 brought a new project, where the community joined in helping enhance the newly developed landscape at the Las Colonias Amphitheater by planting 130 trees on property grounds.

If you would like to nominate an area for a Community Tree Planting project, please fill out the required application and submit it to our Forestry Department for consideration. This nomination is open to all community members residing in Grand Junction City Limits.
Community Tree Planting Application

Grand Junction Forestry Advisory Board

The Grand Junction Forestry Advisory Board, a group of dedicated volunteers, serves in an advisory capacity to the Grand Junction Parks and Recreation Forestry Division and makes recommendations to the City Council for the adoption of rules and regulations pertaining to the tree service business in the city. Not only does the board hear complaints from citizens relating to the tree service business, but acts as a reviewing body for the purpose of determining professional qualifications and competence to engage in the business of cutting, pruning, spraying and removing trees. The board also gives written, oral, and practical licensing examinations. 

Volunteer Board Application



The Grand Junction Forestry Department has received several awards throughout the year. They have exemplified professionalism, commitment, knowledge, and a true passion for the service to and growth of the Grand Valley Canopy. Click here to learn more about the National Arbor Day Foundation.
- Tree City USA since 1982
- Growth Award presented for more than 20 years  
- Multiple recipient of the Golf Leaf Award
- Recognized for Arbor Day celebrations

For more information about Forestry:

Please call 970-254-3825