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Welcome to the Parks and Recreation Forestry Division, we are dedicated to preserving Grand Junction's urban forest along with providing an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for all visitors to city parks and facilities. It is our goal to educate the citizens of Grand Junction as to the importance of trees while maintaining Grand Junction's urban forest and properties to the highest of industry standards for health, safety and aesthetically pleasing value.

The Forestry Division has responsibility for and is dedicated to preserving Grand Junction’s urban forest. The Division plants, manages, and maintains the City’s trees in parks and City facilities, as well as trees on the public right of way within city limits. It is a much bigger job than it appears as trees are dynamic living organisms requiring proper care and attention on a regular, routine basis. The health, safety and well being of each individual tree is dependent upon proper planting and care and a basic understanding of how trees grow. It is our goal to help the community understand the importance of trees while maintaining the urban forest to the highest of standards. Due to our efforts Grand Junction has received the designation of “Tree City USA” for 30 years in a row.

The Grand Junction Forestry Advisory Board, a group of dedicated volunteers, serves in an advisory capacity to the Grand Junction Parks and Recreation Forestry Division and makes recommendations to the City Council for the adoption of rules and regulations pertaining to the tree service business in the city. Not only does the Board hear complaints from citizens relating to the tree service business, but acts as a reviewing body for the purpose of determining professional qualifications and competence to engage in the business of cutting, pruning, spraying and removing trees. The Board gives written, oral, and practical licensing examinations.

Tree services (Licensed Arborist Information) and anyone pruning trees for hire must have a license in order to perform work within the city limits. Licenses are obtained by filling out an application, providing proof of insurance, completing a demonstration of basic understanding and competency of tree care (exam), and a yearly fee. Licenses are in place to protect homeowners and trees. List of Licensed Arborists.

For more information about Forestry, please email Randy Coleman at call 970-254-3821. Forestry Questionnaire


Feel free to contact the Forestry Division at 970-254-3821 regarding the following:

Smart Yard of the Month

The Grand Junction Forestry Board, Daily Sentinel, and the City of Grand Junction are sponsoring a “Smart Yard of the Month” program. This program will recognize Grand Junction residents who demonstrate above-average efforts in maintaining their homes and landscapes making our community a better place to live. Take pride in your home and neighborhood, and we might celebrate your efforts to enhance the appearance of our community!
2016 Smart Yard of the Month Nomination Form

Services on City Trees and Property

*Tree pruning, removal and requests
*Tree planting, questions and requests
*Hazard tree identification and inspection
*Insect and disease identification and control
*Trees blocking traffic signs and signals

General Services

*Licensed Tree Care Provider Information
*Arborist licensing
*General information, literature and presentations on trees
*Tree mulch and fire wood program
*Tree insect and disease notification (Dutch Elm Disease, Mountain Pine Beetle and Ips Beetle)  
*Development review
*Arbor Day program
*Memorial tree program

Colorado State University Extension offers a remarkable amount of information in both English and Spanish for our area. They have fact sheets and publications that will answer most questions and even an area for Ask an Expert.

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