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Landlord - Property Owner Info

Please Note: City policy does allow renters to start or stop service in their name, assuming they have been instructed to do so by the property owner or landlord. If the property owner or landlord requests utility accounts to remain in their name, then an account will not be opened for a renter. This policy is sensitive to the fact that the ultimate responsibility for utility charges lies with the landlord or property owner.

Options for Limiting Liability

Water and sewer services, under City's code, are incident to and deemed to run with the land, and the Landowner (who benefits from the existence of the utility service by being able to rent/use the property) is liable for unpaid accounts. As the landowner, you may be able to limit your liability for utility accounts by doing one or more of the following:

  • Contractually protect your interests via lease terms
  • Control and monitor the situation by receiving duplicate bills on the property - you must specifically request to receive duplicate billing on each property and duplicate billing(s) must be requested whenever there are tenant/account changes
  • Choose to keep account(s) under your name
  • Call a Customer Service Representative at 970-244-1579 to ask about the status of your renter's account.


Final Bill Notification

The Final Bill Notification program is designed to provide information to landowners that would assist them in recouping some or all of the costs in settling outstanding utility bills on their property. We believe this program has been a benefit to the landowner and resulted in fewer unpaid renter accounts.

When a final bill is printed for a renter, we send a letter to the landowner or property manager. This provides the landowner with information on the account balance, due date, name and mailing address of the renter. The letter reminds the landowner that, if for some reason the final bill is not paid, they are responsible.

If the account is not paid within a few weeks of the due date, a second letter is sent to the landowner making them aware of the status of the account.

If you have questions please call 970-244-1579.