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New Construction and Connection to System

If you are building a new residential or commercial building and connecting to the City's water, sewer and/or Ridges irrigation system, a connection fee is due. A connection fee is comprised of a Tap Fee and/or a Plant Investment Fee (PIF). A Tap Fee covers the actual time and material costs to make a connection, and a Plant Investment Fee is a one-time, new connection fee that is intended to recover the cost of constructing the system. In other words, the system has been built to serve future users. As those future users connect to the system, they have to pay back their fair share of the system construction costs. Plant Investment Fees are calculated based on the expected impact of a new connection to the system. Sometimes additional plant investment fees are due when the use of an existing connection changes.

Sewer Connection Fee:

Sewer connection fees are determined based on the expected impact of that connection to the system. Because you hire your own contractor to make the physical connection to the sewer main line, the connection fee is made up of a PIF only (Municipal Code 13.04.300 Plant Investment Fees and Connection Procedures-Amount of Fee). The sewer connection fee for a single family home is currently $4,776 (effective January 1, 2019). Additional tap fees are due when the home is located in a separate sanitation district.

The monthly sewer fee for a single family home is currently $22.40. Again, if the home is located within a separate sanitation district then there is an additional monthly sewer fee paid to the district.

Multiple family or commercial connection fees are calculated by formulas. These formulas use a factor called EQU (equivalent residential unit) which is then multiplied by the minimum connection fee of $4,776 to get the total sewer connection fee. The EQU factor is also used to calculate the monthly sewer service charge ($22.40 per EQU). Some examples of those calculations are listed below.

Please Note - The calculations below are intended for example purposes only. For a specific quote, contact Debi Overholt, Customer Service Supervisor at (970) 244-1520.

Sewer Connection Fee Sample Calculations

Multi-Family 0.72 x # of units = EQU 25 Unit Apartment Building
0.72 x 25 = 18 EQU's
18 x $4,776 = $85,968 Sewer Connection Fee or PIF
(No Restaurant, No Kitchen)
0.36 x # of rooms = EQU 200 Room Hotel:
0.36 x 200 = 72 EQU's
72 x $4,776 = $343,872 Sewer Connection Fee or PIF
Retail Store 0.35 x (square feet/1,000) = EQU (minimum 1 EQU) Store with 2,000 square feet:
0.35 x (2,000/1,000) = 0.70 EQU (minimum 1 EQU)
1.0 x $4,776 = $4,776 Sewer Connection Fee or PIF
Laundromat 0.90 x # of Washing Machines = EQU 15 Machine Laundromat:
.090 x 15 = 13.5 EQU's
13.5 x $4,776 = $64,476 Sewer Connection Fee or PIF


For multi-family or commercial sewer connections, the City does have an alternative calculation based on water consumption. For additional information, please contact Debi Overholt at 970-244-1520.

WATER CONNECTION FEE: Water connection fees are determined based on the size of your service line and meter. City crews make all physical connections to the water main line; and therefore, the connection fee includes a tap fee and a PIF. Most single family homes use a 3/4" service line/water meter and the fee currently is $1,000.

Water Connection Fees

3/4" $700 $300 $1,000
1" $875 $375 $1,250
1.5" $2,050 $900 $2,950
2" $2,900 $1,250 $4,150
3" $6,875 $2,975 $9,850
4" $12,850 $5,550 $18,400
6" $19,850 $8,500 $28,400


Fireline Connections will be billed on a time and material basis. For more information please contact Pipeline Maintenance at 970-244-1572.

Ridges Irrigation Connection Fee

The Ridges Irrigation connection fee is a flat $260 for any new connection to the system. Your contractor makes the connection, so the irrigation connection fee is made up of a PIF only.

For more information, please call 970-244-1579.