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Water Leaks

If your water bill seems high, it may be due to a leak.  A dripping faucet or other unsuspected leaks can result in usage of 450 to over 100,000 gallons of water during one month. If you get an unusually high water bill, please call us at 970-244-1579 so we can have the meter re-read. If we determine the meter reading to be accurate, follow the step-by-step instructions listed below to check for a water leak: 

  1. Make sure water is not being used (e.g. dishwasher, washing machine, shower, air conditioner, irrigation, etc.).
  2. Go to your water meter, remove the lid and write down your water meter reading. If you have a radio type meter you will need to shine a light on the meter to activate the solar readout.  Please be sure to replace the lid.
  3. Wait 20-30 minutes, keeping all water off.
  4. Go back to your meter and see if the reading has changed.
  5. If the reading has changed, that means water is moving through the meter without usage in the house, and thus, probably means there is a leak.
  6. To further isolate the leak, shut off the water main to the house and repeat the above steps. If the reading still changes, it most likely means there is a leak between the meter and the house.


The City of Grand Junction is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the water line between the main and your meter. We also own and are responsible for the water meter. Anything between the meter and your house is your responsibility.

If you have a leak, please have it repaired as soon as possible! We have a policy to allow leak adjustments for unsuspected leaks, but adjustments are not normally approved for internal plumbing leaks, such as toilet or faucet leaks or for irrigation system leaks.

Finally, leaks must be repaired before an adjustment is approved. Adjustments are made based on comparison usage from the previous year (if available) and are normally limited to one to two months, unless extenuating circumstances exist. Fill out a Water Leak Adjustment Application.

For more information, please call 970-244-1579.