Solid Waste

333 West Avenue, Building A
Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone: 970-244-1570

Photo by Paul Meyer

Solid Waste FAQ

When is my trash normally picked up?

Residential trash is picked up one day each week - Monday through Friday. Trash container should be out by 7 a.m. To find out what your trash day is, please send the Solid Waste Department an email or call 970-244-1570

Where do I set my container?

Once you know your trash day, take a look around your neighborhood. Notice where your neighbors place their container(s) on the morning of your trash day. If you still aren't sure, contact the Solid Waste Department.

Why didn't my trash get picked up?

If your trash container was missed on your normal trash day, and it is not a major holiday, contact the Solid Waste Department.

Will they pick up any trash that is not in my container?

The City uses automated trash trucks with a pick up mechanism that is only able to grab hold of a certain type of container (provided to all City trash customers). If trash is not in your provided container, it will not be picked up without making special arrangements ahead of time with the Solid Waste Department.

Can I change the size or quantity of my trash containers?

Yes! To change the size or quantity of your container(s) simply contact the Solid Waste Department.

What can I do with all my empty moving boxes?

We offer new customers a one-time, courtesy (free!), service to pick up empty moving boxes and packing materials. You must contact the Solid Waste Department to make arrangements for this service.

What can I do about a missing or damaged trash container?

Containers do disappear from time to time and damage can occur. Contact the Solid Waste Department to find or replace your trash container.

Is it a holiday or will my trash be picked up on the normal schedule?

Trash is normally picked up Monday through Friday. However, there are 6 major holidays each year that could cause a one-day delay in your service.

Can I use my own trash container?

The City uses an automated trash system that does not allow our trucks to pick up any type of container besides the ones we provide with our service. If you have extra trash, that won't fit into your container, contact the Solid Waste Department to make special arrangements.

Does the City offer recycling services?

The City contracts with an outside company to provide recycling services to our customers. Monthly charges for this service will be added to your City utility bill. Please contact Curbside Recycling Indefinitely (GJCRI) at 970-242-1036 for more information or to sign up for services.

Can I get my trash picked up if it is out late?

If you forget to put out your trash or get your container out later than 7 a.m. on your trash day, contact the Solid Waste Department and we will send the driver back to your house. Charges may apply.