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Frequently Requested Brochures
Multi-Way Stop  A stop sign can be one of our most valuable and effective traffic control devices when used at the right place and under the right conditions. It is intended to help drivers and pedestrians at an intersection determine who should yield right-of-way.
What You Need to Know About Children at Play Why Won't They Put Up "Children at Play" Signs? An often heard neighborhood request concerns the posting of generalized warning signs with "SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY" or other similar messages.
What You Need to Know About Crosswalk What is a Crosswalk?
The Law, Research, Do crosswalks serve as a reminder to drivers to slow down and watch for pedestrians?
What advantages do crosswalks provide?
City policy on crosswalks, how secure are you in a crosswalk?
Sight Distance Triangle In order to minimize traffic hazards at intersections of streets, alleys and driveways, there are height restrictions on any wall, fence, shrub, plant or any other erected, planted or maintained at these intersections.
Bicycle Safety Always wear your helmet! Be Considerate - Be Safe. Avoiding Hazards. Basic "Rules of the Road"
Parking Streets are for everyone, which are designed to accommodate parking as well as through movement. Information on Illegal Parking, Restricted Parking and Residential Area Parking. What is a valid safety issue? Can I get Red Curb Markings? Information on CommercialAreas and Alleys. Phone numbers of Who To Call If you have Questions.
Truck Routes Why Truck Routes? Grand Junction/Mesa County is the regional economic center for Western Colorado and Eastern Utah. Trucks are the primary delivery systems for the vast majority of consumer goods brought into our community. To address these concerns, a comprehensive plan was developed to identify a network of truck routes to support safe and efficient truck operations while satisfying thepublicneed for adequate protection and separation.
Information and Tips for Driving a Round-A-Bout The most important thing to remember in a roundabout is to slow down.
Information & Tips for Driving a Round-A-Bout
Traffic Signals When are Traffic Signals Installed? Signal Costs. New Signal Caution. Traffic Signal Misconceptions.
The ABC's of Pedestrian Signals Walk, Don't Walk.........How Pedestrian Signals Work