Water Services

333 West Avenue, Building E
Grand Junction, CO 81501

Photo by Kathleen Wilkinson

Fill Stations

City of Grand Junction Fill Stations

To apply for a City of Grand Junction Bulk Water Account please fill out this online application.  
City fill stations are fitted with a 2-1/2 inch male cam-lock.  For more information please call (970) 244-1574.  

Municipal Services Center 333 West Avenue - North of Building D
Sherwood Park E. Sherwood Drive and Kennedy Avenue
S. 9th Street & Winters Avenue 200 feet west of S. 9th Street - North side of Winters Avenue
Ouray Avenue & N.27th Street At intersection - East side of N. 27th Street
Mesa Avenue & 28 3/4 Road Northeast corner of intersection - across from Nisley Elementary
30 Road & I-70B Frontage road on south side of I-70B at North Avenue 
4110 Purdy Mesa Road
(Divide Road)
North side of road (look for green stock gate)


Ute Water Conservancy District Fill Stations

Once you are approved for a bulk water account, your information is shared with Ute Water.  To verify you have access to Ute Water fill stations, please call (970) 256-2880 or (970) 242-7491.
All Ute Water fill stations are fitted with a 3-inch male cam-lock.

Persigo Wastewater Treatment Plant 2145 River Road
Fruita Co-Op 1663 K Road, behind building (south side of K Road)
Loma Fire Station 1341 - 13 Road
S. Camp Road & Rimrock Road Northwest corner of intersection
10 Road & Highway 6 & 50 At intersection
20 Road 1275 20 Road
Printers Way (Horizon Drive)

North of Horizon Dr, on Printers Way -
approx. 120 feet Northeast of Hilaria Way
35 3/10 Road 777 35 3/10 Road
Central Orchard Mesa Fire Station 3253 B 1/2 Road
Canyon View Park 727 24 1/2 Road, Unit B - East side of park