Water Services

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Water Distribution

Water Distribution

All City of Grand Junction water customers have water meters. Monthly water bills to customers include a base or minimum charge and a use charge for the water that passes through their water meter. Customers pay a monthly minimum charge of $19.00, which includes the first 3,000 gallons of water usage, and a use charge starting at $2.60 per thousand gallons after the first 3,000 gallons is used.  Our Rate Calculator can help you estimate your water bill based on a certain number of gallons used in a month.

Pipeline Maintenance maintains 308 miles of water distribution piping, 9,939 metered water customers, 4,613 valves, 1,206 fire hydrants, the irrigation water supply for The Ridges Development Area and the Redlands Mesa Golf Course.  This division is responsible for meter reading and meter repair functions necessary for the monthly billings of accurate water consumption.  Pipeline Maintenance also installs new water and sewer lines and taps and provides services to the Wastewater Services Division by means of repair work on wastewater lines and manholes.

Water Service Providers

There are four municipal water providers in the Grand Valley.  Depending on which area you live in, one of these providers is responsible for collecting, treating, and distributing your domestic water supply.

City of Grand Junction   970-244-1572

Clifton Water District   970-434-7328

Town of Palisade   970-464-5602

Ute Water Conservancy District   970-242-7491