Cannabis Business Licensing and Regulations

Cannabis Cultivation

At the City Council Workshop on May 15, 2023, Council discussed cannabis cultivation within City limits. Meeting Agenda and minutes

Cannabis Product Manufacturing

Cannabis product manufacturers are businesses focused on the production of cannabis products used for smoking, or other consumption such as edible products, ointments, and tinctures. 

Cannabis product manufacturers are required to have both a state license and a local license. The steps to acquire licenses may vary widely in terms of what is being produced, the processes used, and whether hazardous materials are involved. These businesses may generate jobs within the community based on the type of product, the scale of the operation, and the degree of automation. There is no sales or excise tax on manufactured cannabis products. Land use and its related impacts (e.g. noise, odor, traffic) are primary considerations related to cannabis product manufacturer businesses. Unlike retail cannabis businesses, cannabis product manufacturers are primarily light industrial in function. Recommendations for regulating this land use were discussed with Planning Commission at a series of workshops in early 2021 and included at that time, was the requirement that businesses be limited to areas where general manufacturing and manufacturing of food products are allowed.

  • February 13 – workshop discussion of regulations 
  • March 15 – regular meeting/listening session
  • April 3 – workshop discussion
  • April 5 – regular meeting/1st reading
  • May 3 – regular meeting/adoption of ordinances:

1)    Ordinance No. 5143, an ordinance amending Title 5, Section 5.15.010 et. seq. of the Grand Junction Municipal Code to allow marijuana businesses in the City of Grand Junction

 2)  Ordinance No. 5144, an ordinance amending Title 5 creating Chapter 10 in the Grand Junction Municipal Code concerning Cannabis Product Manufacturing Facilities and Cannabis-Infused Product Manufacturer Business Licensing and Regulations

 3)  Ordinance No. 5145, an ordinance amending Title 21, Chapter 4 and Chapter 10 of the Grand Junction Municipal Code regarding use standards and for specific locations of Cannabis Product Manufacturers, and definitions for such businesses

City of Grand Junction Selects 10 Applicants to Receive Cannabis Business Licenses March 30, 2023

During today's randomized selection process, the City of Grand Junction selected 10 applications for licensure as regulated cannabis businesses.  

  • Lucky Me Dispensary, LLC dba Lucky Me Dispensary
  • Cam Cap dba Grand Junction Greenery
  • Canna Care, LLC
  • Western Colorado Marijuana, LLC dba The Garage
  • Golden Rookie, LLC
  • RJJ Grand Junction, LLC dba Native Roots Grand Junction
  • Kai Dispensary, LLC dba Kai Dispensary
  • Colorado Greens, LLC dba The Green Horizon
  • Colorado Alternative Health Care, Ltd., dba Colorado Weedery
  • Zuma B, LLC dba Elevate

Community members await random cannabis selection at City Hall auditorium


Cannabis Retail License Selection Process 2023

Cannabis License and Regulations Summary (PDF)