Root For Your Ash

Coming this Spring!

Have you noticed a decline in your tree’s health? You may have an Ash tree on your property. We are here to help! Ash trees make up 20% of Grand Junction trees, and pests are killing these trees at an alarming rate. We are teaming up with tree care providers to deliver Grand Junction residents the opportunity to protect their Ash trees against these killer pests.

What's up with Ash Trees?

Grand Junction Ash Trees are threatened by exceptional droughts and increasing pressures from insects, including the Lilac Ash Borer and Ash Bark Beatle. Nearly 20% of Grand Junction trees are Ash Trees. They need our support so we can continue enjoying their benefits. Luckily, we have a solution! The below image is a good representation of a declining ash tree. Does this tree look familiar?

Tall, green tree.

Why Should You Root for Your Ash?

You are highly likely to have an ash tree on your property. Your tree provides shade, saves you money on utility bills, conserves water, and increases your property value. The biggest reason…treatment is tremendously cheaper than removing a dead tree. Tree removals can cost thousands of dollars.

Rooting for Your Ash is simple! We’ve got you covered. 

Coming this Spring, if you are a Grand Junction resident, you will have the opportunity to partner with the City of Grand Junction to protect your ash tree. At a discounted rate, our licensed tree care professionals will treat your ash tree. Treatment can last up to three years! Let's save your tree together!A healthy tree and and unhealthy tree near a sidewalk and cars.

We hope to have more information available to the public shortly. Check back for more details!