Water Conservation

Grand Junction is largely defined by its waterways, especially the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers, but these and other vital water sources require protection and conservation. The City participates with Ute Water and Clifton Water to conserve water according to the 2012 Regional Water Conservation Plan and the 2018 Drought Response Plan, which undergoes regular updates, and cooperates with multiple irrigation districts to allocate water resources.

James Alsop Fall on Colorado River
Water Efficiency Plan Banner

The City works regularly to collect data on drought conditions and city water supplies in order to plan for the future and ensure that adequate water supplies are maintained in our region. This includes conducting modeling studies to determine the extent of current water supplies and research into options for infrastructure projects that will address reliability, resiliency to drought, and long-term supply to meet future growth. Cooperation with Colorado Water Congress, Colorado Basin Roundtable, and Gunnison Basin Roundtable is also part of these efforts. Access this year's updated Regional Water Efficiency Plan.

Community education serves these protection and conservation efforts as well, and the Drought Response Information Project (“DRIP”) shares information on topics ranging from water-wise lawncare and landscaping to ensuring water efficiency in the home.