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Electronic Submittals - Important Notice:  

GJFD is pleased to announce all plan reviews and permit applications to include building permit clearances, operational permits, alternative fire protection systems, fireworks (retail and display), flame effects, AST/UST permits, ERRC, etc., have transitioned to Mobile Eyes cloud-based software as of Monday, May 24, 2021. Please click the link to access the Plan Review Portal.

Mobile Food Truck Permits are excluded and should follow procedures outlined in the “Mobile Food Preparation Vehicle Permitting and Inspection” guidance document.



Grand Junction Fire Department's Fire Prevention Bureau is to pursue avenues of fire and life safety hazard risk reduction through enforcement of internationally recognized fire codes and standards. Its primary goal is the reduction of life loss, personal injury, property damage, and the serious socio-economic impacts of fire.

We strive to achieve this goal by:

  • Consistent enforcement of fire, life safety, and hazardous material regulations.
  • Providing consultation and education services to the development community.
  • Providing education and information to the public in the prevention of fires, reduction of life safety hazards, and the proper storage and handling of hazardous materials.

Fire Prevention City Ordinance

City Ordinance Number 4830 (PDF) (includes amendments to the 2018 International Fire Code) and Municipal Code Chapter 15.44 charge Grand Junction's Fire Prevention Bureau with enforcement of the 2018 International Fire Code (IFC). This code was developed in conjunction with a full set of modern construction codes including the International Building Code. The City of Grand Junction and the Mesa County Building Department have also adopted the International Building Code, which works in tandem with the International Fire Code. Copies of the International Fire Code may be viewed at the Grand Junction Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau or purchased from a book store or on the internet.

Services provided by the Fire Prevention Bureau include consulting, plan reviews, fire protection system inspections, fire and life-safety inspections and fire code complaint inspections. Scheduled fire company inspections of commercial properties are conducted regularly in the City of Grand Junction. The objective of these inspections is to identify and initiate correction of fire and life-safety hazards, verify contact information, educate the occupants and familiarize fire personnel with the property in the event of a fire.

Fire Code/Supplemental Policy Clarification

The 2018 IFC Section 102.9 and Section 104.1 specifically allows for matters not provided for to be determined by the Fire Code Official and to render code interpretations and adopt policies, procedures, rules, and regulations in order to clarify the application of code provisions.


  • Turnaround time for clearances is a minimum of 10 business days. Time may be longer depending on current case load(s) and project size(s).
  • The Informational items and forms listed that reference the 2012 IFC are being updated as time permits.

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