Leaf Removal Program

About the Program

The leaf removal program starts in mid-October and runs through mid-December. This is a free service provided for city residents that provides a convenient way to dispose of leaves by raking them out into the street rather than bagging them for disposal in the landfill. Once collected, the leaves are transported to Mesa County for composting which can then be reused to improve soil for planting. Removing leaves keeps the city beautiful while also allowing grass to breathe and reducing the likelihood of leaves plugging storm drains. Over 10,000 cubic yards of leaves are collected annually!


This program is only for single-family residences within city limits. The city is divided into five different areas, with specific rake-out dates assigned to each (rake-out dates are the day by which you must have your leaves at the curb by 7 a.m.). Leaves will be picked up within three days of that date, weather permitting. Only leaves and pine needles are acceptable for pick-up. A postcard is mailed to City residents the first week of October. These postcards are specific to residents in each area and contain only the rake-out dates for that area. Please keep this postcard so you can refer back to your scheduled rake-out dates.

To determine which leaf pick-up area you are located in, use the Transportation Map and type your address in at the upper left corner in the "search all layers" field.

2023 Rake-Out Dates

View the 2023 Rake-Out Date Schedule (PDF).

Rake-out dates are the days you must have your leaves at the curb (18 inches out from curb and gutter) by 7 a.m.

Weather permitting, leaves will be picked up within three days of the rake-out date.

Leaves will not be picked up on Veteran’s Day (November 10), Thanksgiving Day (November 23), or the day after Thanksgiving (November 24).

Area 1Area 2Area 3Area 4Area 5
October 9October 11October 13October 17October 19
October 23October 25October 27October 31November 2
November 6November 9November 15November 20November 28
December 1December 5December 7December 11December 13

You can take leaves, year-round, to the Mesa County Compost Facility for a fee.

Leaf Removal Hotline

Please send us an email if you have any questions or comments. For the most up-to-date information on leaf removal, please call 970-256-4111.