Snow & Ice Removal

Grand Valley winter weather can be unpredictable. There are years when the golf courses stay open through the winter, and there are years when snow stays on the ground for several months. The usual abundance of western Colorado sunshine has served our city well in all but the most severe conditions. The most severe conditions occur when heavy snow is followed by extremely low temperatures. Snowplows are only used when weather conditions are such that chemical melting agents do not work well to remove snow.

Business Responsibility

Private contractors are often hired for parking lot snow removal. Unfortunately, many private contractors will push snow into the street, unaware of the problem this creates. When stormwater run-off is restricted, even temporarily, a serious hazard is created, as well as liability for the business owner and/or his contractor. Business owners are responsible for the actions of their private contractors.

Citizen Responsibility

The City needs your help to protect pedestrians from possible injury. When residents fail to clear snow and ice from their sidewalks, it forces pedestrians to walk on snow and ice-packed sidewalks or even in the street. Grand Junction Municipal Code Section 12.16.090 requires that public sidewalks (the ones adjacent to the street) in front of your home or business must be cleared of snow, ice, and debris within 24 hours after every snowfall.

Please pile snow in your yard - not in the street where it will block the flow of drainage. By keeping gutters clear of snow, most ice problems can be avoided.

View a map of the snow route priorities (PDF). Please remember that residential streets are not plowed.