Truck Permits

The City of Grand Junction requires all Oversize/Overweight Trucks that are traveling on City Streets to contact the City for a Letter of Authorization (LOA). Why Truck Routes? Grand Junction/Mesa County is the regional economic center for Western Colorado and Eastern Utah. Trucks are the primary delivery systems for the vast majority of consumer goods brought into our community. To address these concerns, a comprehensive plan was developed to identify a network of truck routes to support safe and efficient truck operations while satisfying the public need for adequate protection and separation.


The following City of Grand Junction LOA's are available:

  • Single Trip LOA: An LOA that is valid for a single move, on a designated route(s) for Extra-legal Vehicle or Loads.
  • Multi Day LOA: An LOA that is valid for a specific time period on the designated route(s) for Extra-legal Vehicle or Loads.
  • Annual LOA: An LOA that is valid for one year from the date of issuance on the designated route(s) for Extra-legal Vehicle or Loads.

If any of the routes being used are within Mesa County or State of Colorado Department of Transportation's jurisdiction, a permit must be acquired from those entities. A draft LOA will be issued to be provided to those entities. After acquiring the required permits and providing the permit numbers to the City, a final LOA will be issued.

Legal Dimensions & Maximum Weight Limit in Colorado

Colorado's legal height is 13 feet except where designated 14 feet 6 inches by CDOT; maximum width is 8 feet 6 inches and 80,000 pounds. combined gross vehicle weight on Interstate and 85,000 pounds on Non-Interstate highways. There is no overall length requirement for truck tractor semitrailer combinations as long as the trailer does not exceed 57 feet 4 inches. A combination of vehicles coupled together cannot exceed four units and is limited to 70 feet in length.

Extra-Legal permits must be obtained prior to entry into Colorado or prior to movement of the vehicle/load.

Helpful Resources

To apply for City of Grand Junction Letter of Authorization contact:
City of Grand Junction's Transportation Engineering
333 West Avenue
Building D
Grand Junction, CO 81501

Phone: 970-244-1567

Email for a Permit