Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan guides the work of the City Council and City staff as it grows and responds to the evolving needs of the community. The Plan articulates areas of strategic priorities which target the City's efforts and resources in ways intended to have the greatest impact in five key focus areas over the life of the Plan. Over the next two years, the Strategic Plan will point the way toward maintaining and improving the qualities that make Grand Junction an outstanding city.

Strategic Priorities 

The Plan is based on the vision of the One Grand Junction Comprehensive Plan adopted by City Council in late 2020. It is structured with the following Strategic Priorities:

  • Mobility & Infrastructure
  • Economic Development
  • Housing
  • Public Safety
  • Quality of Life

The Strategic Priorities translate the vision and goals from the One Grand Junction Comprehensive Plan into an actionable strategy that guides the organization’s focus, work, and resource alignment. It is a collaborative effort that is led by the City Council’s vision and leadership, reflective of staff contributions, and influenced by resident feedback obtained during the comprehensive planning process.

City Council and City staff will be using this document to guide their policy and decision-making over the next two years.

Mobility and InfrastructureMobility and Infrastructure

Placing a high value on providing accessible and equitable transit options for residents and visitors with associated infrastructure that includes trails, non-motorized and multi-modal services.

Economic DevelopmentEconomic Development

Fostering the policies and environment to support a robust economic climate that is diverse and expansive and that draws and maintains a talented workforce, provides educational excellence, and enhances opportunity for all.


Committing to enacting effective and attainable housing policies and partnering with organizations that seek to increase affordable housing options, create diverse housing choices, decrease the gap between need and housing inventory, and assist those without homes to be matched with supportive services.  

Public SafetyPublic Safety

Delivering residents and visitors the highest quality fire and emergency medical services, police, and 9-1-1 communications services; establishing a safe community by risk reduction through prevention and encouraging proactive involvement of the community in safety and emergency preparedness matters.

Quality of LifeQuality of Life

Prioritizing the exceptional quality of life in Grand Junction, including clean air and water, responsible stewardship of natural resources, and sustainability practices alongside social and recreational opportunities that deepen connection and well-being.