Public Communications

City Communications Division

The City's Communications Division is housed within the City Manager's Office and provides communications support for City Council, the City Manager, and all City departments.

The Communications Division provides strategic communications planning to inform, consult, involve, collaborate and empower internal and external stakeholders, including residents. The Division manages multiple channels (including website and social media) to keep the public informed on City news and programs.

If you have a question or need information about the City of Grand Junction, please call 970-244-1507 or send Public Communications an email.

Website & Social Media

The City of Grand Junction engages customers through many digital outlets. Communicating with the City through the website, mobile app, and social media further enables customers to contact the City of Grand Junction in a direct and meaningful way.

Please follow the City of Grand Junction on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, NextDoor, and LinkedIn. A full list of our social media pages is available online.

Issues with the website or social media should be directed towards 970-244-1507 or the Public Communications email.

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