City Street Improvement Projects

2019 Ballot Initiative 2A / Transportation Capacity Upgrades

City Engineering staff is working on the first projects of the transportation capacity upgrades authorized by voters in November of 2019. Preliminary designs of 24 Road Corridor, G Road from 23 1/2 to 24 1/2 Road corridor and F 1/2 Parkway are underway in preparation for community meetings starting in late April. Request for Proposals (RFPs) are being prepared for consulting engineering services to complete the final designs and right-of-way acquisition services. Utility coordination meetings were held in late November/early December with additional one-on-ones with affected utilities currently underway to coordinate construction/relocation schedules. Construction contracts are currently slated for late 2020 for 2021 construction.

Thank You to the Voters of Grand Junction for Passing Ballot Question 2B in April 2017!

The approval of this ballot question is making it possible for the City of Grand Junction to use the excess Taxpayers' Bill of Rights (TABOR) funds in the Riverside Parkway savings account to augment what is currently being spent on street maintenance projects and neighborhood pavement preservation for five years.

Street maintenance is extremely important, but expensive. Our current roadway system is a $266 million asset. The City has been modestly funding street maintenance for a few years due to budget limitations, but it has not been enough and we have fallen behind.

The overall average pavement condition index (PCI) of the Grand Junction streets system, which has steadily declined over the last twelve years, is currently at a score of 69. This is down from 78 in 2004. The desire is to reverse this trend.

Good streets are good for all of us who live here, and also good for our economy.

2020 Contract Street Maintenance

The streets selected for the 2020 Contract Street Maintenance - Asphalt Overlays project are:

  1. 27 Road - B Road to B 1/4 Road
  2. B Road - 27 Road to Clymer Road
  3. Legends Way - Patterson Road to Grand Falls Drive
  4. Grand Falls Drive - Grand Cascade Way to Norma Jean Street
  5. 28 1/2 Road - Grand Falls Drive to EOP
  6. North Grandeur Court - 28 1/2 Road to EOP
  7. Mariposa Drive - West Ridges Boulevard to Monument Road
  8. Horizon Drive - 26 1/2 Road to 12th Street
  9. Colex Drive - G Road to Scarlet Street
  10. Scarlet Street - Colex Drive to Highway 6 and 50
  11. Scarlet Street - Colex Drive to Sanford Drive
  12. Sanford Drive - EOP to Highway 6 and 50
  13. Arrowest Road - G Road to North EOP
  14. Arrowest Road - Arrowest Road to North EOP
  15. Logos Court - 23 Road to West EOP
  16. Grand Park Drive - 23 Road to East EOP
  17. 3 1/10 Road - Grand Park Drive to South EOP
  18. 23 1/10 Road - Grand Park Drive to G Road
  19. Interstate Avenue - 23 Road to East EOP
  20. 23 1/4 Road - Interstate Avenue to Logos Drive
  21. Logos Dr. - 23 Road to East EOP
  22. 23 Road - G Road to Interstate 70
  23. G Road - Highway 6 and 50 to 23 Road
  24. Connector Road - Valley Court to 22 Road
  25. Valley Court - Highway 6 and 50 to North EOP
  26. Beta Place - Centauri Drive to Galaxy Drive
  27. Alpha Place - Centauri Drive to Galaxy Drive
  28. Centauri Drive - G Road to North EOP
  29. Galaxy Court - G Road to North EOP
  30. Galaxy Drive - Galaxy Court to Beta Place
  31. G 3/8 Road - 26 1/2 Road to Flower Street
  32. Flower Street - G 3/8 Road to Tulip Drive
  33. Tulip Drive - G 1/2 Road to Flower Street
  34. G 1/2 Road - 26 1/2 Road to Flower Street
  35. Chestnut Court - 26 1/2 Road to East EOP
  36. East Foresight Circle - Blichmann Avenue to Hollingsworth Street
  37. Hollingsworth Street - Blichmann Avenue to Eisenhauer Street
  38. Fracture Lane - Eisenhauer Street to 25 1/2 Road
  39. Market Street - F 1/2 Road to Patterson Road
  40. Summer Hill Way - 26 1/2 Road to Spring Crossing
  41. Summer Bend Court - Summer Hill Way to South EOP
  42. Summer Sage Court - Summer Hill Way to South EOP
  43. Summer Valler Circle - Summer Hill Way to Summer Hill Way
  44. Summer Crest Court - Summer Hill Way to North EOP
  45. Summer Breeze Court - Summer Hill Way to North EOP

Neighborhood Pavement Preservation Program: More Details Coming Soon

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Check back often for more information on upcoming TABOR excess funds street maintenance projects, and again, we thank the voters for giving us this opportunity to improve upon the City's infrastructure.