Resource Stewardship and Sustainability

Steve Traudt Mount Garfield

While developing the City’s 2020 Comprehensive Plan, Grand Junction community members called for the City to become a leader in resource management and sustainability. To serve this goal, the City established strategic priorities in Quality of Life and Resource Stewardship. These priorities steer projects that promote the livability of the community, stewardship of resources, sustainability, and social and recreational opportunities.

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These efforts also draw on a history of successful conservation programs that help the City care for its valuable natural resources and make more economical choices to improve the efficiency of City facilities and operations.

The City continues to address environmental challenges facing the community through efforts to conserve water, divert and mitigate waste, transition to clean energy, preserve natural landscapes, and reinforce community resiliency to changes.

Current Resource Stewardship and Sustainability Projects Include: 

  • Developing an electric vehicle readiness plan that leverages Grand Junction's strategic location in order to benefit from the ongoing transition to electric vehicles (check out our progress and give us your input on our engagement platform.)
  • Working with community members to develop a resiliency and sustainability plan (RSP) that will guide the City's ongoing efforts in resource stewardship and prepare for the healthy future of our community, economy, and environment (engage with us and contribute to the RSP process)
  • Phasing in a new, dual-stream curbside recycling program and adding seasonal curbside yard waste pickup for composting.