Weed Abatement Program

The City of Grand Junction Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for the seasonal weed abatement program from May through October.

From November through April, enforcement of the Code for weed violations is provided by Code Enforcement. You can reach the Code Enforcement desk at 970-549-5335.

Violation Notices & Citations

  • In addition to the removal of weeds from your parcel, all property owners are responsible for the public right-of-way between their property lines and the street or curb and the center line of any adjacent alley. This includes between the sidewalk and street.
  • All undeveloped properties over one acre (no sheds, electric boxes, roads, etc.) including agricultural land are required to keep weeds cut within 20 feet of any adjacent developed lot, tract or parcel and within 40 feet of any adjacent rights-of-way.
  • A Notice of Violation is issued for a property where weeds have grown over six inches and goat heads (puncture vine) at any height. Time allowed for voluntary compliance (no fine) is seven calendar days. The property is posted and a notice is mailed to the owner of record.
  • If weeds remain after seven calendar days, an Administrative Citation is issued with a $150 fine. Another seven calendar days are given to comply. The property is posted and a notice is mailed to the owner of record.
  • If the violation is corrected within 7 days of the Administrative Citation issuance, the $150 fine is reduced to $50. Failure to remove the weeds will result in cut and removal at the owner's expense. In addition to the $150 fine, the owner will be assessed an hourly rate plus a 25% administrative charge, and a penalty of $50 for the first cut, $100 for the second cut and $150 for the third and subsequent cuts within five years.
  • If not paid, weed removal assessments are filed as special assessment to property tax liens.

For more information, please contact the weed desk at 970-244-1583 from May 1 through October 31.