Bid Summaries - 2020


  1. 2020 Alley Improvement District IFB-4773-20-DH (PDF)
  2. 2020 Contract Street Maintenance - Asphalt Overlays IFB-4775-20-DH (PDF)
  3. 2020 Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk Replacement Project IFB-4838-20-DH (PDF)
  4. 2020 Horizon Place Street Reconstruction IFB-4784-20-DH (PDF)
  5. 2020 Safe Routes to School Projects IFB-4786-20-DH (PDF)
  6. 2020 Sewer Line Replacement Project IFB-4821-20-DH (PDF)
  7. 2020 Waterline Replacement Project IFB-4798-20-DH (PDF)
  8. 23 Road Sewer Trunk Line Extension Project IFB-4731-20-DH (PDF)
  9. Avalon Lobby HVAC IFB-4816-20-SH (PDF)
  10. Avalon Marquee RFP-4795-20-SH (PDF)
  11. Demolition of Old Mesa Pawn Shop IFB-4810-20-DH (PDF)
  12. Fire Training Facility - Shed Foundation & Asphalt Pad IFB-4785-20-DH (PDF)
  13. Garage Door Upgrades IFB-4822-20-SH (PDF)
  14. Grand Junction Public Safety Facilities Renovation (Re-Bid) IFB-4835-20-DH (PDF)
  15. GRJM 21.5-G.95 Culvert Replacement IFB-4853-21-DH
  16. HVAC Avalon Stage RTU And Ductwork IFB-4805-20-SH (PDF)
  17. HVAC Upgrades Avalon Theatre Lobby and Stage IFB-4796-20-SH (PDF)
  18. Las Colonias Amphitheater Addition IFB-4774-20-DH (PDF)
  19. Lunch Loop Trailhead Improvements IFB-4797-20-DH (PDF)
  20. Re-Roof Lincoln Park Clubhouse IFB-4794-20-SH (PDF)
  21. River Bend Lift Station Elimination Project IFB-4744-20-DH (PDF)
  22. Riverfront at Dos Rios Phase II Construction IFB-4799-20-DH (PDF)
  23. Roll Off Containers with Drivers for City Spring Cleanup Program IFB-4758-20-DH (PDF)
  24. Stoker Stadium - Track Resurfacing IFB-4746-20-DH (PDF)
  25. Suplizio Stadium Structural Repairs IFB-4729-20-DH (PDF)
  26. Victor Drive Sewer Improvement District Project IFB-4789-20-DH (PDF)
  27. Wayfinding Signage RFP-4825-20-SH (PDF)