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YFI 6 Month Follow-Up

  1. Were you referred to a local mental health professional?
  2. Did you meet with mental health professional?
  3. Has your child set a fire since they attended the GJFD Youth Fire Intervention?
  4. Has your family practiced your home fire escape plane?
  5. Are all lighters and matches still out of reach of children?
  6. Has your family discussed your child's fire setting since attending the GJFD Youth Fire Intervention?
  7. Has your child gotten in any major trouble at school or at home since the program?
  8. How would you rate your child's behavior since the youth fire intervention?
  9. Emotionally:
  10. Use of Fire:
  11. Behavior in school:
  12. As a parent or guardian, how satisfied were you with:
  13. Fire education provided by GJFD
  14. GJFD employee skills/rapport with your child
  15. Information provided to you as a parent/guardian
  16. Ease of intervention process
  17. Resources and/or referrals given
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