Broadband Master Plan

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Broadband Master Plan

FiberIn April 2015, by an overwhelming majority of 77%, Grand Junction voters approved an override of Colorado Senate Bill 05-152.  That override allows the City of Grand Junction to take steps to improve the Internet services for our community.  As cities and towns across America compete for new business by offering high speed Internet (frequently referred to as broadband) services, it’s imperative for the City of Grand Junction to keep up in order to foster economic growth and development for our citizens and businesses.

Broadband refers to high quality Internet services enabling faster and more reliable data transmission.  It is an evolving term which is currently defined as Internet service at download speeds of at least 25 megabits per second.   Broadband can provide access to a wide range of resources including education, entertainment, tele-health, commerce, and improved public safety services.

The master planning process is underway and will provide information and recommendations that will allow the City to make informed decisions regarding investments in broadband infrastructure and actions the City can take to expand its use in the community. The plan will solicit input from all of the various stakeholders – businesses, citizens, providers, carriers, legislative representatives and City staff – to ensure a coordinated approach that accelerates broadband development, increases cost savings, and takes advantage of funding opportunities that are available.  It is expected that the plan will also provide direction related to code enhancements that will promote cost-effective broadband infrastructure construction in conjunction with City capital projects, as well as private utility and development efforts.  If you have questions, please email us at

January 16, 2017 City Council Workshop Market Demand Study Findings


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